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The end-of-season review the club didn’t want you to see

Despite an abysmal campaign this end-of-season review was canned by the club, supposedly because it wasn’t positive enough



The video above should have been the club’s official end-of-season review video.

The vid, featuring Gills fan vloggers (and friends of Gills365) James Hawkins and Matt Boosey saw the pair recap a less-than-stellar season that saw the club start brightly, fade alarmingly then narrowly avoid relegation by one point on the season’s final day.

James and Matt didn’t sugar-coat their thoughts, but they weren’t unfairly negative as they attempted to give a fair and balanced view from the fans’ perspective. In that regard they did a good job.

Not good enough for the club, it seems, who opted to scrap the video, supposedly due to it not being positive enough.

After that campaign, I’m not really sure what else they expected.

And with both members of the club’s media team believed to be departing the club this summer, it’ll be interesting to see how the club addresses its relationship with the media and, most importantly, the fans heading into Season 2017/18.

Check out the video above and let us know what you think. Are the club being ridiculous, or were the fans too unfair in their assessment of the season?

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