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New caretaker boss Steve Lovell: ‘We’re gonna have a right go’

New caretaker Gillingham manager Steve Lovell hints at significant changes as he looks to put his own stamp on the side ahead of the weekend’s clash at Peterborough



New Gillingham caretaker manager Steve Lovell took a page out of Frank Sinatra’s book during his first interview after he was appointed, saying he’d do things his way.

Lovell, who acted as an assistant to Adrian Pennock, then Peter Taylor, hinted that his approach to games may be markedly different to that of his predecessors when he spoke to KM-FM on Thursday ahead of Gillingham’s trip to face Peterborough.

Lovell would already have had initial discussions with Taylor about the upcoming game, but now he’s been promoted to the managerial hotseat, he hinted that he’d be taking a very different approach to that laid out by the now-former Director of Football.

Speaking about those preliminary plans for Peterborough, Lovell said: “It doesn’t matter now. That’s irrelevant.

“Whatever I spoke about before. It doesn’t matter. It’s what I’m gonna do between now and the game Saturday.

“I’ll do it the way I wanna do it. I’ll put out the team I want to put out. I’ll play a formation the way I wanna play. And we will definitely have a go.”

“We’ll roll those sleeves up and we’ll have a go. We’ll go to war on Saturday and we’ll put on a performance that people will hopefully enjoy.”

And Lovell confirmed there would be no pressures from upstairs when it came to him making significant changes to the lineup and style of play of the team heading into the weekend, with chairman Paul Scally giving him his blessing to make whatever adjustments he feels are necessary to turn the team’s form around.

“He’s left it to me,” he confirmed.

“It’s all down to me. I’ll make the decisions regarding the personnel of the team, the makeup of the team and the way that we’re gonna play.”

“I’ve got a way of playing that I enjoy and I think players will enjoy and will express themselves.

“So we’re gonna have a right go on Saturday. I’m looking forward to it. They’ll be prepared for a battle.”