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There’s only three games to go, don’t abandon this team now

We’re so close to the end of the season, so why would fans turn their backs on the team now?



Credit: Kent Pro Images
Kent Pro Images

Steve Lovell wasn’t impressed with some of the fan reaction at the Rotherham game, and I don’t blame him.

The expectation level of some supporters seems to be all or nothing these days. It’s either going great, or we’re the worst team in the league. You can’t have it both ways, especially in the space of just a few months.

Let’s not forget what Lovell inherited. When the former Gills striker finally took the helm at Priestfield he took charge of a team crippled by a lack of confidence, a succession of injuries and with a seemingly mountainous task ahead of them to not just turn their form around, but also to pull clear of danger.

Lovell has done both. A superb run of form had us, briefly, looking optimistically towards the playoff places rather than the relegation drop zone.

But almost as soon as people even uttered the word “playoffs”, the Gills’ form fell off a cliff.

One win in 11 and no wins in the last seven is certainly not the sort of form you want as you enter the final few games of the season.

But I find it hard to believe that the same side that ran their socks off and pulled themselves clear of trouble has suddenly just decided to stop trying. To suggest that after the way they transformed their season is an insult to the players.

What I do believe is there’s a crisis of confidence in the squad at the moment – midfielder Mark Byrne admitted as much this week.

And what the players need for the final three games of the season isn’t grumpy knee-jerk criticism of their efforts. They need support to secure our League 1 berth.

Only three games remain and arguably we need only three points. One final push is all we need, both on the pitch and in the stands.

And, if the fans lead the way with some vociferous support all the way from the warm-up to the final whistle, the team will raise its game again and I reckon we’ll secure our divisional status.

Then we can look at the squad’s needs as we head into the summer… still as a League 1 team.